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Protect What's Left 5 Panel Hat


Embroidered 5 panel hat made with a durable organic cotton canvas, and snap closure made from recycled polyester.


Our 5-Panel Hat features a durable, long-lasting cotton canvas made with organic cotton, which is grown using less water and no harmful chemicals, making it safer for farmers and the planet.


The snap closure of our 5-Panel Hat is made from recycled polyester, which offers the same strength and flexibility as virgin polyester, but is made from post-consumer waste which reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in oceans and landfills.

  • Organic Cotton Canvas
  • Recycled Plastic Snap Closure

The Men's Protect What's Left 5 Panel Hat is available only in limited quantities, so grab yours before it’s gone for good.


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Protect what's left

There are 14 varieties of salmon and steelhead on the endangered species list. And the lives of more than 130 different types of wildlife depend on these fish for food. At Wild Unlimited, we’re not just creating gear. We’re
creating a movement. We’re putting social and environmental responsibility at the core of what we do. It’s backcountry gear made right. So we can protect what’s left.

A portion of every order goes to protecting wild Pacific Salmon and Steelhead.