Repairs and Recycling – Wild Unlimited
Repairs & recycling

keep your gear stronger for longer


Got an item in need of a repair? Here are a couple of things to know before sending in your gear.

1. We can’t fix everything

Our team is very skilled when it comes to repairing damaged items, but that doesn’t mean we can fix everything. Every repair is unique, and some items simply can’t be restored. Once you damaged item arrives our team will give it a thorough assessment and reach out to you with a status update.

2. Repairs may change the look of your item

We do our best to match the fabrics and materials we use in repairs to your original item, but sometimes they simply aren’t available. Our replacement materials will prioritize quality and durability, which may alter the look of your item.

3. You’ll be charged based on the size of the repair

Repair costs are assessed on a case by case basis. Once our team receives your item they’ll assess it and reach out to you with a status update and a repair quote.

Please also note that repairs can take up to 90 days (or more) to complete.


Sometimes, after a lot of wear and tear and adventuring, an item reaches the end of its lifecycle. When you’re ready to say goodbye, we’re happy to help you dispose of it properly. Send it our way and we’ll do our best to disassemble the garment and recycle as many of the materials as possible, while also making sure that any parts or materials that can’t be recycled are disposed of responsibly.

picture of river streams next to a picture of a cotton factory
picture of river streams next to a picture of a cotton factory