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our commitment

protect what’s left

We’ve ditched “make it, break it, and replace it” manufacturing and committed to processes as responsible as our planet deserves.

Our values

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Quality materials and methods keep our gear stronger for longer.

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Collaboration with our community keeps us true to our mission.

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Nature-first thinking guides every decision we make.

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Reducing, recycling, and refurbishing reduces our footprint.

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Choosing nature over profits keeps us dedicated to our cause.

how We do things differently

about our story
Our story

driven by a wild love for the planet

When we couldn’t find products as durable, ethical and sustainable as we wanted, we decided to make them ourselves.

about manufacturing
Circular Manufacturing

Building a better supply chain

From raw material sourcing to final product delivery we’re reusing, reducing, and recycling at every step.

about sustainability

woven into everything we do

Nature-first thinking guides every decision we make so we can minimize our impact on the planet.

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supporting causes that hit close to home

We want our conservation efforts to have a real impact on pacific wild salmon and steelhead.

Our ambassadors

The reel deal from backcountry experts.

Our ambassadors don’t just use our gear — they shape it. We’ve tapped trusted outdoor experts and asked them to weigh in alongside our community members to help develop our products in the coming months.

blue mountains
blue mountains
stay wild

Gear up for good

Together we can go farther into the backcountry, and redefine what environmental responsibility can be.