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guy holding fish
Circular Manufacturing

What goes around SHOULd come around

we have to change the way we live alongside nature

Currently, there’s no perfect solution for creating a truly circular product. And there likely won’t be, until we’re able to change the fundamentals of existing raw material supply chains and manufacturing equipment and operations.

But the “make it, break it, and replace it” manufacturing mindset that’s become the status quo prioritizes almost everything ahead of the planet, and that doesn’t fly with us.

At Wild Unlimited we’re not claiming to be perfect, but we are committed to using circular manufacturing principles like regenerative agriculture, ethical partnerships, and sustainable supplies in our processes in order to create longer-lasting, repairable gear with end of life solutions that reduce what ends up in landfills.

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Our wool comes from farms that practice regenerative agriculture to ensure the land their sheep graze on is cared for properly. Our hemp and cotton comes from farms that adhere to strict, organic growing standards.

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Ethical Partners

We’re working only with manufacturers who pay their employees a living wage, and who can prove their raw materials don’t involve slave labor.


Sustainable supplies

The lycocell we use is from sustainable wood pulp and processed in a closed loop facility where the chemicals are captured and reused.